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IPS Empress®
belleGlass HP™
Kavo Everest

IPS Empress® is available in the following formats:
Bridge (up to 3 units)
Anterior crown

Kavo Everest, for the ultimate in CAD/CAM Zirconia and titanium frameworks for crowns and bridges.

Crowns and laminates with beautiful aesthetics.

belleGlass HP is a unique material that closely resembles the colour and texture of a natural tooth. belleGlass is a dual-curing polymer glass. The unique combination of materials achieves a polymerisation rate of over 98% after final cure. This results in a number of benefits:

· Free of residual monomers and therefore, physiologically tolerated.
· Minimum abrasion.
· Dense, plaque-resistant surface which does not discolour.

belleGlass is ideal for a wide range of applications:

· Facings on metal or polymer framework, including polymer support materials
· Crowns and cemented bridges, including metal-free, reinforced by Connect-Ribbon.
· Metal-free palatal splints for periodontally damaged teeth direct or indirect.
· Inlays/onlays, indirect, non-shrinking.
· Veneers/facings.

An extensive range of ceramic layering material that is compatible with any of our substructures.

Biocompatible alloys for all aspects of crown, bridge and implant work.

Above: Discolouration of front teeth before Empress procedure.

Above: Empress veneers have been added to remove the discolouration